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Old question by an old guy .. sorry Im sure this has been asked before.

Getting back to SBUILDERX after many years away. Now 71 and retired ready to start over LOL My question is this. I have modified a coastline and built an airport that exists in real life but not in FSX default and I am left with old coastlines. (see pic) Is there an easy way to get rid of them?

Any help appreciated.


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To exclude the shoreline, you would want to draw a polygon over it and set it to Exclude_All_Shorelines. However, this will delete the entire shoreline within the default QMID region, which may not be exactly what you want.

To do it properly, you really want to replace the entire QMID. Now, it's been a while since I have worked on vector, so I cant remember what the default level is, if it's constant or changes at different latitudes. I know for the Solomon Islands, I was using QMID7.

I would just exclude the polygon and see where it stops excluding, then try to match a QMID up with it.
Getting back to SBUILDERX after many years away. Now 71 and retired ready to start over LOL

That's the spirit ! :)

PS: Tell us the airport ICAO / IATA code, and we can help you some more. ;-)

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