Ortho Layering in XP11

Hi all,

I'm getting my feet wet with X-Plane development, trying to see if I can port some of my FSX/P3D airport sceneries over.

My original FSX airport scenery has two PR resolutions, 30cm for the airport area, and 60cm for the surrounding area. I've run them through WED and they both appear fine individually in XP11, but when both of them are combined, the lower-resolution 60cm displays above the 30cm ortho. I want the 30cm ortho to display on top, for the added detail. I know it's possible to layer orthos properly since I see it in other sceneries. How do I go about doing this?

Issue solved!

For those who are curious, it turns out you can open the ortho's .pol files in notepad, and then edit the "LAYER_GROUP TERRAIN" entry (you may have to add it in if it's not there already). So for the 60cm ortho, you would open each .pol file and add "LAYER_GROUP TERRAIN +1", and for each 30cm .pol file, add "LAYER_GROUP TERRAIN +2". Since 2 is higher than 1, the 30cm will show on top.