FS2004 Overlapping Tiles

My scenery project includes photo-real tiles for an area around the subject airport. The geographical area takes in a coastline on an island. I decided to expand the photo-real area but I it seemed better to do the additional tiles as a second scenery bgl to avoid rendering a large number of empty tiles over the ocean. So, what I ended up with is two scenery bgl files with a few overlapping tiles. I wonder if I will run into problems. I haven’t noticed any issues when testing the scenery so I’m wondering if I can get away with this overlap and avoid doing a more precise do over. Advice would be appreciated.

Hi Greg, as long as you put your new scenery tiles in a different scenery folder there won't be any conflict between the old scenery files and the new. (it impotent where you place them in the library)
if you put them in the same folder it can make some conflict. mainly it depends in there name order in the folder.

also it very impotent to notice which LOD you use.
if your airport texture use higher LOD then your added scenery BGL , the airport tiles will come above (even if you place your new scenery above the airport).
the opposite will happen if your added scenery using a higher LOD then the airport (and the airport is sit above your added scenery on the library)

if you notice that when you get a new scenery for airport there some time that you get to folder
Airport scenery folder
and airport_LC folder

what I'm doing from time to time, If I have conflict between the airport aerial imagery and my photoscenery.
I'm going the the airports scenery folder and isolating the aerial photoscenery of the airport. that way only my photoscenery will be shown
Felix, the two bgl files were in the same scenery folder. Even though I have not noticed a problem, I decided to consolidate my photo-real tiles into a single bgl to avoid any potential conflicts. Thanks for your advice.