P3D V4 PBR Material Slots

Newbie question... dabbing into the PBR realm and noticed the maps area in the Material Editor is a bit different now. Is there still a way to add specular or bump maps? Only see slots for Albedo, Metallic, Normal, Emissive, and Detail.
Specular maps aren't used in the P3D PBR workflow. You must use the Metallic map to control metalness, smoothness, and ambient occlusion. The P3D Learning Center has a PBR section that explains what each channel in the texture is used for (with some sample screenshots).

Normal maps are what FSX/P3D refer to as bump maps (which is incorrect).


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Even though Hughes is right on the naming of the slots... Technically, the Smoothness map, a part of the Metallic map, can be interpreted as the Specular map. This is because it controls the shine or the amount of reflection.

So, if you have a Specular map from a model that needs to be converted, you can use the specular as the smoothness, with minor adjustments.