P3D v4 P3D V4 shading issue

Seems that shading in P3D V4 are worse than FSX. How can that be? Customers can't see the knobs well or shading between parts like the throttle handles.

Look at the throttle handles and the 2 gray rotary knobs from the TCAS/ATC panel.
P3D V4

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Hi Folks,

Wow - the side by side comparison is dramatic... I always thought the visuals in P3D were suppose to improve on FSX ?

Looking at the images - it appears that there is specular shine present in FSX VC that’s not apparent in the P3D VC...

Given that it’s the same model is there anything different required in P3D to have specular shine in the VC ?


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In the P3D screenshot, interior shadows are turned on. There is no light on the mesh to shade it. If you turn the shadows off it will look like the FSX screenshot. To make the VC look good with shadows on you need to bake textures to shade the model from the ambient light coming in the windows.