Paintkit help

I guess to créate a paintkit you would need the source file. having the model you will créate the texture layout. so you have to work with what you have, the textures, modifying so fit with you new livery. you have to search for tutorials and tips for this. in my opinion the more difficult thing sometimes is to identify the parts of the aircraft, which part correspond to which texture.
Thank you for the reply Tejal,

Well i can reapint the aircraft but i cant remove the decals,and as far as i know the file needs to be layered in order to remove them...but as you say i need the source files.

Hence i came here to see if anyone can assist me...

Thee repainting itself is not that difficult its just to get the certain placement of some decals on the right place....and then testing it in the sim....some repaint kits are layered out nicely and you can see the outline of the aircraft and boundaries.

I will still continue my search for a paintkit for that heli....


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Hi heretic,

thank you very much for the reply,i will go have a look on the links you provided...

Kind regards

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