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MSFS PAPI Keeps resetting to an incorrect position.

Hi everyone!! First time builder here!!! I'm nearing the end of my project (will come back and do custom buildings later), but I keep running into an issue where one of the runways PAPIs will reset into an incorrect position after I load my package into the sim. It is placed correctly when I'm in the project editor, but after I save, export the package, close the sim, and place it into my Community folder, everything shows up correctly except for the PAPIs (One runway is correct, the other is not). It must be happening when I go to export the package right? Maybe even though I'm saving, something isn't getting translated into the new package? Anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this? I've tried resetting them, and putting them back to where they should be to no avail. Thanks in advance for your help!

Figured it out!!! I reset the runway VASI/PAPI system to "None" for both ends, I then saved the project, then reselected the PAPI 4's and set the distance to 0. After Saving again, I was able to reposition them to the correct spots (again). Saved and built the package again. Placed the file into the Community folder (after deleting the old one), then fired up the sim to see if it worked. Sure enough, for whatever reason, (maybe my file got corrupt) after doing a full positional reset on the PAPIs, it worked like a charm! Hope this helps someone in need!!!
1. I've found even though position updates when you type in the number, if you don't hit the return key after, the software "forgets" about the change.
2. Also, it seems I need to hit the "Save Scenery" button as well for the "Build Package" command to work.
3. There seems to be a problem with the build package commands recognizing changes in values as a change, and it only acts when new stuff is added.

All three of those things could be related and may really only be one of them. But I've been successful at making changes when I do all three. I also seem to get better results in change implementation when I use the Project/Build All command as opposed to the Build Package command at the bottom of the Project Inspector.

Obviously, I have no clue what I'm doing, this is just what has worked for me when I've had the same issues you are having.