P3D v4 Pausing, slewing & sim rate detection

Hey everyone! My first post here because I'm at a loss with a problem. I'm very much a beginner when it comes to programming and I've used the Simconnect SDK's example as a starting point to make an ACARS-like software in C#. Everything went well with requesting variables, but events seem to be a problem. I tried changing "Managed Client Event" code to trigger with pausing & slewing events. However, out of the listed events regarding these, I found that for example PAUSE_ON and PAUSE_OFF never triggered. PAUSE_TOGGLE only triggered when the actual "P" button was pressed, but not when the add-on's pause at top of descent function triggered it. SIM_RATE_INCR and its pair for decrease never triggered for me when using the menu either.
An example of registering to such an event:
simconnect.MapClientEventToSimEvent(EVENTS.PAUSE_ON, "PAUSE_ON");
simconnect.AddClientEventToNotificationGroup(NOTIFICATION_GROUPS.GROUP0, EVENTS.PAUSE_ON, false);
What I'd like is the ability to detect if the sim is paused or not and disallow slewing / sim rate increase while the program is running. I tried to dabble with subscribing to the SLEW_SET system event and set the system event state to SIMCONNECT_STATE.ON or OFF but nothing happened in either case.
I found a few posts on google, some even from this forum, but nothing I tried worked so far. I'd really, really appreciate if someone could help me with this :)
You need to be paying attention to SIM STATE... not key input events. Read up on SimConnect_SubscribeToSystemEvent.
Thank you very much for the reply, I managed to get the pausing event to work correctly using this page: http://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv3/Learn...onnect.html#SimConnect_SubscribeToSystemEvent. I found "Frame" as well which is supposed to give information about the sim rate and have subscribed to it like every other system event:
simconnect.SubscribeToSystemEvent(EVENTS.FRAME, "FRAME");
but it never triggers (neither does PauseFrame), am I missing something here?
Hmmm, that's good to know, since the documentation says "Frame: Request notifications every visual frame. Information is returned in a SIMCONNECT_RECV_EVENT_FRAME structure."
and the returned structure is
  float  fFrameRate;
  float  fSimSpeed;
where "fSimSpeed: The simulation rate. For example if the simulation is running at four times normal speed -- 4X -- then 4.0 will be returned."
Ah... thus one must read ALL of the SDK... that's not in the description of the actual API call. LOL :oops:

I will test this in C++.