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A quick question ..... before I embark on "learning" the use of AFTL (sounds a great tool) or perhaps not.

Flightbeam for example has ALS models for its airports which essentially only operate overnight or in some cases (KMPS) can optionally operate 24hrs. They don't provide a PCL option as you can for ALS operating daytime in poor visibilility (it's all or nothing in daylight, though you can select the appropriate depending on one's reading of the TAF & then conservatively ..... arriving in bright skies, lights on when the TAF has a tempo / inter call on visibility).

My thoughts are to have AFTL models for daytime PCL use ..... but with that I'll have AFTL's & FB's at night or alternatively I need to delete FB's period !!

Is this plausible .... one assumes you & they (& others similar) have no "mutual" interests here ?

Thanks for your thoughts


Resource contributor
I am not familiar with Flightbeam ALS models so I can't comment on how you might be able to disable their lights at any time of day.

AFLT lights operate independently, so there's no problem in having AFLT lights in addition to others. But, I suspect you'd find the display using two different light sources less than pleasing.)


Thanks ..... so maybe I have 2 afcads, a day & a night one.

Next step is to use AFTL to see how it goes (though I wonder if others have not already done so at these airports)