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Blender PBR Materials

Can someone give me an idea where I am going wrong here. when I apply the material in blender I get a nice shine which is obviously incorrect. I use materialize to create the various maps so I suspect is something I am not adjusting properly




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Resource contributor
Try removing the black lines within the Albedo. You shouldn't need them. What maps are within the "comp"? Red channel = ambient occlusion, green = roughness, and blue = metallic.

Make sure the roughness is black? Or is it white?
You have a smoothness map, rather than roughness. Just invert the smoothness map, in this case to make it white.
As far as I know materialize creates a smoothness map actually, you need to invert the colors of this map to get a FS2020 Roughness map then rebuild your COMP texture with the roughness. The rougness texture should be more white than black then.
Also metallic seems to be inverted with materialize too. As I figured out yet, darker is actually less shiny and brighter is metallic in FS2020. Blender sometimes doesn't represent what you'll actually see in sim.
I managed to get rid of the shine, however, and I think I posted this in the wrong thread earlier, when I export the model into MSFS, the surfaces are way lighter than in blender. Is this something that I have to compensate for by darkening the image?


Resource contributor
the Short answer is yes you will need to compensate - 2 different applications will never have the appearance of a model that is the exact same.