P3D v5 PBR textured dumpster using Quixel Mixer

Hello all, I've been away for quite a few years and was formally known here as VAEJonP, new nick name is Yoahn in Arizona.

Wanted to get serious about PBR texturing and using Quixel Mixer + Megascans + Blender + Gimp pipeline. Used to use 3ds Max and loved it until I rediscovered Blender after it hit 2.8 stable release, what a powerful tool. A couple Blender tutorials plus spotlope's (Bill Womack's) extremely helpful tutorial series and I have started to figure out a few things with a lot more to go.

Here's a few shots of my 1st model in P3Dv5 textured in Mixer in about 15 minutes and textures processed through Gimp. A big nod goes to Pyscen for the A.O. tutorial (Page 14 Step 1: Open Maps) that explains how to pack all the channels in Gimp.

This model is mostly just an experiment on pipeline / workflow for PBR textured assets but is also a model I'm planning to use for a scenery in the works. Still very much a work in progress but it doesn't look that bad. The base and lid are 550 tri's and this is shown with 2048 textures, I'm sure 1024 will look plenty good this is just the early attempt. Made a high poly mesh for the baked normal and AO maps. There is a lot of potential to make high quality textures and fast with this pipeline. By the way, Mixer has the ability to pack all the channels (shown in the image below) on export so all I really have to do in Gimp is flip vertically and save as .dds. The only issue that might come up is the Specular (Reflectance) is split out into R G B so I"m using the B Specular in the Blue channel in the Metallic_Map. Seems to be fine as the exported Specular was identical to the extracted Blue channel.

Let me know what you all think.



This is the Dumpster in Mixer, the right side has the export options for packing their respective channels.







Resource contributor

Look really nice!! and thanks for the shout-out. Beware of darker textures (for PBRs in P3D v5).
It does look good. Keep it up. My only feedback would be that the textures are a bit too rough so I would play more with the smoothness and give it a bit more of a shine, especially on those parts where the metal is getting revealed.
Was wondering when someone would play with this kind of pipeline (and do all the hard work for me figuring out how to do it ;) ) and what the results would be. I have Mixer as well as ArmorPaint and will be playing with these shortly once I have a few more pieces of my model done.

The plan is to texture as many assets as possible through this pipeline, there's a couple more assets nearing texture-time so going to get much more down and dirty this pass. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, I'm more than willing to share any tips and tricks I learn along this fun journey. Never heard of ArmorPaint, going to have to check them out too.