FSXA PIP on a droppable object


I'm trying to figure out how to get a PIP to watch a falling object. On the SDK web page it says:

"A PictureInPictureViewController object adds a small view window and is typically used for a "bomb-cam" -- giving a view of or from a falling object."

Well that's what I want - a "bomb-cam" that follows a dropped object - specifically, trying to drop a "seismic sensor" into a volcano…yes, I know the molten lava will melt the thing, just bear with me for now. :)

Right now I'm using the Flour Bomb simobject to work this out (eventually I'll build a seismic probe looking kind of thing in gMax, make a model, etc. I've done that before with sling loads)

This seems to be a "chicken or the egg" issue. The SDK states:

AttachedWorldObjects This enables the view controller to be attached to a moving object.


UseTargetPosition Set to True or False. True indicates that the camera will try to keep the AttachedWorldObject, if one is set, in view.

OK so far, but how does one attach attach a world object if the world object doesn't come into being until you hit Shift D? Is just the simobject name enough? (In this case Flour_Bomb?)

OK - I just decided to actually FLY the flour bomb mission and I saw that the PIP is focused on the Flour Bomb, not the platform. How is that? I have no idea.

<SimMission.PictureInPictureViewController InstanceId="{1F84965E-4FCE-432F-AE80-1B5C9544B95B}">
      <WorldPosition>N18∞ 1' 29.91",W63∞ 6' 16.84",+000000.00</WorldPosition> 
It clearly call for an AttachedWorldPosition??!!

I feel like I'm missing something basic…thoughts?
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When you look at an aircraft_object, you can see that an outside-camera-view can be attached to it.
This outside-camera-view simply follows the aircraft_object everywhere it goes and - no matter how the object manoeuvrers -
the attached camera continues to look in the same view-direction all the time.

So this make me wonder... "how is a Flour bomb object really modelled inside FSX"?
- Is it modelled just like an aircraft_object?
- Is it modelled as something completely different?
I think that once you have figured this out, you will have you answer for the bomb-cam.

I've found another thread on this forum about the true nature of droppable objects, I hope that helps:
- http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/fsx-droppable-object-with-inertia.432730/
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Thanks - that answers a big part of this issue…the Flour Power PIP doesn't actually follow the Flour Bomb, it looks straight down. I noticed that if I drop the flour bomb fro a high enough altitude, the bomb moves out of the frame before impact. Obviously a parabolic-ish trajectory (as mentioned in that post) will overcome some of this…stay in the camera view for longer…I'd still rather have the PIP track the falling object..

I've worked with the cinematic camera with good results using AttachedWorldObject - it will track any World Object that has been placed in the mission - plane, helicopter, boat, ground, other and even placed scenery objects - moving or stationary. The point of view can be the Player (offsets from the aircraft) or a Lat/Long/Elevation.

The AI/PIP camera seems to work the same way, except the screen shows up as a picture in a picture. So far so good. It is the code statement in the Flour Power mission that I just do not get.

The code PIP camera clearly calls for AttachedWorldPosition

      <WorldPosition>N18∞ 1' 29.91",W63∞ 6' 16.84",+000000.00</WorldPosition>
The following condition statement seems to be how the PIP is activated and stopped. A trigger that activates the PIP when an object with the title Flour_Bomb "appears" (when Shift D is pressed). Again so far so far so good…

So how does that AttachedWorldPosition factor in? The point of view is obviously from the aircraft and the camera is not locked to a single spot on the ground…at the Lat/Long stated in AttachWorldPosition.


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'm glad that you got this part it working Hanger32.

So how does that AttachedWorldPosition factor in? The point of view is obviously from the aircraft and the camera is not locked to a single spot on the ground…at the Lat/Long stated in AttachWorldPosition.
I have to pass this part of your question to somebody else who has more and in-depth experience with the FSX camera system. The only things I can come up with (now) are these articles about the FSX camera system:
- https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc526948.aspx - ESP SDK homepage
- https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc526984.aspx - Camera Definition docs
- https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc526949.aspx#mozTocId157738 - Aircraft (camera) configuration docs
- http://www.fsdeveloper.com/wiki/index.php?title=Cameras_Views_-_Changing - FSDeveloper camera view change wiki
- http://gabor.hrasko.com/fsx-camera-views-v09.pdf - Customizing camera views inside FSX
- http://fstipsandaddons.com/tutorials/understanding-fsx-cameras.html - understanding FSX camera's
- http://fstipsandaddons.com/tutorials/installing-addon-fsx-cameras.html - installing addon camera's in FSX
I hope that these articles (or somebody who is more knowledgeable on the FSX-camera-subject) can help you further with the current challenge..
Thanks!! Obviously I have a lot of homework to do!

I've looked through the msdn pages - I'll need to review it again.

I have no idea how I missed the fsdeveloper wiki article! My bad - rookie mistake…and I'm no rookie:yikes:.

I've never heard of the other sites - they look very good.

Again, thank you for taking the time to track these sites down. I promise not to "come up for air" until I have fully digested all. :)