Piston 2 Stage Supercharger Help and Suggestions

I've been reading about some of the limitations with Super and Turbochargers. I want to try modeling a two stage supercharger in FSX/P3D v3.4 with a lever in the VC to control each stage ( high, low, neutral). Hoping for some thoughts on how to do this. Simconnect? XMLTools?

I feel like I'm going down a rabbit hole. Thanks in advance.
For the aircraft I've done with two stage superchargers I've used a SimConnect gauge which limits the throttle depending on which gear you're in, it also increases the intake air temperature in high gear to make it less efficient at low altitude. You have to set up a separate animation for the VC throttle to show the pilots input position rather than whatever the gauge has decided it should be at.
You can also use this to limit the boost as a number of real aircraft do, e.g. pilot applies full throttle but the gauge doesn't allow more than 15PSI of boost.


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I would also add that the sim’s critical altitude for the turbo charger be set to some impossibly high value so your throttle calculations will be more linear.