FSXA Pitch and Bank with scenery objects.

I came across the problem of FSX Acceleration not implementing Pitch and Bank when displaying scenery objects in missions - the objects appear only upright. There are a few threads on the forums here that say the problem is down to draw-call batching - something I don't fully understand - but there is a work round by extracting the required scenery object from its library bgl and creating a new scenery object using ModelConverterX. If it is any help to others who come up against this problem, I've made a video tutorial on how to accomplish this, here:

It is a bit ungainly - but the method seems to work. Maybe there's another, quicker and more elegant way? Please advise - thanks. And thanks to Arno for MCX!

Cheers - Dai.
Hi Dai,

We've chatted about this over on fsxmissionshangar.com - some thoughts for the folks on this site…

First I think the method you showed is the preferable way for doing this. That said, I think one might be able to save some effort if they copied the New_Ship.bgl back into the Global/scenery folder. That way the path to its texture would be the same.

Second, there is a rather "quick & dirty" way of doing this if you are adding scenery outside of the Mission - just use something like ADE, add the object via their File Liber Objects add, and set the pitch/role to it. Yes this gives you an "airport" but if you are adding other scenery anyway…

Cheers, Will
LOL…given my sometimes complex approach to simple FSX mission issues, I wouldn't necessarily say "worthwhile" :)

BTW - I've watched that video twice now. I've got a handful of missions that I shelved because I couldn't get a ship or other object to "tilt" in some manner - I'll be dusting them off now. Thanks.
pitch 30 60 and 90 works on objects i have made but I never have gotten bank to work. however I have problems with standard fsx objects working at all.

PS been using ADE pro version for years and years.. it is well worth getting.
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