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Hi all.

At times we all need a reminder that this forum is devoted to flight simulator development. In the General forum, we do have room for discussions that are not directly related to FS development, and we all enjoy being able to discuss the real world with our friends here.

But... it is important we keep a leash on our emotions when posting. Too easily threads can get derailed into ranting when we cannot resolve a problem. Fishing for combative responses is trolling. Personality conflicts can lead to insults or bullying. Hi-jacking threads is very poor online etiquette.

These types of posts are subject to deletion. We will lock threads if needed. We will split or move threads as we feel necessary.

FSDeveloper is trying to be not only informative, but a place where we can have civil and tolerant discussions.

There are members that have chosen to leave FSDeveloper because of moderator intervention of posts and threads. Others have been given infractions. The mods and admins are quite sorry for these few incidents. I personally view giving an infraction or ban as a failure on my part to convince members to seek a better resolution of problems.

None of the moderators or administrators enjoy censuring, but at times it needed to keep the forums a good place for developers to come for help, or to share their knowledge.

Now I have to end this post before I get called out for ranting. :eek:

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