FS2004 PORTUGAL VFR - The ultimate complete scenery for Portugal! (WIP)


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Hello everyone,

As I have finally got this project organized, I felt it was time to share with the community 'what's cooking' here in my FS9!

Portugal VFR will be an extremely complete and detailed scenery aimed at the 'low & slow' flying fans, that will cover the entire mainland Portugal territory.
This scenery will use 'as a base' the stupendous scenery "Portugal Terrain" by Luis Sá, which you can freely get at this link: https://www.ptsim.com/index.php/downloads1

Portugal VFR will include tons of VFR references and eye candy stuff! My original plan was to have it released in 'packs', with the scenery being complete when the last pack is released, but as of this moment (March '19) the scenery will most likely be released in one go; with maybe 1 or 2 parts (most troublesome ones) missing depending on how finished they are by the time the rest of the scenery is done, which would be released thereafter.

Planned scenery features to be included are as follows:

- Every airfield, airstrip and Air Base that exists in mainland Portugal, even some which have been closed in the last 20 years, with 137 Civil airfields & airstrips + 11 Military Airfields (2 of them being joint Civil-Military use). The major International airports LPPT, LPPR & LPFR might be included but are not a priority, as there are already a lot of great renditions, payware and freeware. These will all have accurate taxiways, aprons and terminals/building placements, using official charts info & satellite imagery for this. Also all Heliports/Helipads I could find information on, with a total of 146. Terminals & buildings will be photorealistic/realistic models for the maximum number of airfields/heliports possible, with a few other Portuguese scenery developers sharing their creations with this project or helping build new ones.

- Portugal doesn't have water runways/aerodromes, but for all of you floatplane fans like me, I will include a total of 32 Seaplane bases, all fictional, 23 on dams/reservoirs and 9 in river mouths around the country.

- 42 Lighthouses on the coast, all faithful recreations of the real deal, many of which with photo textures. Models for these are created by me, sourced from 3rd parties or a combination of both. They will also be complete with lights at night which recreate (to the best of my abilities with FX editing) the real life lights of each lighthouse.

- Around 150 Medieval Castles & Towers, as well as Renaissance Fortresses, as many as possible with photoreal textures and accurate models as well (so far 47) [Modeler/designer needed to help me recreate more!!]

- Lots of famous landmarks/buildings in the cities of Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra & Faro (Portugal's biggest cities) as well as many other around the country in other cities, towns and villages, all with photoreal textures! These will include Palaces, Cathedrals, Monasteries, Hotels, 'famous' Office Buildings, Churches, Bridges, and many other buildings. Landmarks outside cities will also be added, with the occasional distinguishable or relevant for VFR approaches church/cathedral, water tanks, and even the Air Force's mainland 3 Radar stations represented!

- All (and I mean ALL) Wind farms in the Portuguese mainland (exactly 2,624 individual windmills as per my latest research). Other miscellaneous obstacles such as antennae, masts and comm towers will also be added.

- Many towns and villages close to an important landmark will also be more accurately mapped than they were in 'Portugal Terrain'.

- Important harbours and marinas will also be given 'life' with the addition of port infrastructures and ships/sailboats.

- Infrastructure such as powerplants, utility lines, and other major industrial areas will also be added.

- New Motorways built since the creation of 'Portugal Terrain' will also be added, as well as major regional roads missing, mainly from the Alqueva dam area where there are a lot of viaducts.

It is indeed a MEGA project, and will probably take me months to complete (currently a year & a half gone by as of this latest edit!!), but I am fully committed to it!

I also need help by anyone who has enough experience with Gmax or SketchUp, and might be interested in designing some buildings for the project! Most of what I need are castles. I will also post a thread in the 'Project recruiting' section.

And perhaps most important of all: It will be COMPLETELY FREEWARE!

And now, for a very small taste of what's to come, here are some pictures of the first thing I have completed so far; the water runway on the "Alto Lindoso Reservoir" in northern Portugal:

Pier parking with runway start visible. Lindoso village on the hill in the background.

Sharp right turn after taking off eastwards. The reservoir with the runway is visible in the background.

Lindoso village with the reservoir in the background. The castle that exists here is missing, which will be added later, located at the top of that hill where the roads make a 'T'

Approaching the reservoir from the West through the Lima river valley.

Final turn for landing on the reservoir.

Hope to get you all excited as I am!

This thread will be updated regularly with news and developments on this project!
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Hey everyone,

Just thought I'd share a picture of another water runway in the 'Barragem do Azibo', a dam/reservoir in northern Portugal I just finished. Specifically here: https://www.google.com/maps/@41.5762137,-6.8977272,17z/data=!3m1!1e3?force=lite

Parking spot at the pier, with numerous boats also docked. A small 'snack shack' as well as picnic tables on shore, and the small village of 'Santa Combinha' in the background:

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Here's an example of some 'easter eggs' you can expect to find in a place where there is a fairly important building in a small village/town near an airfield/reservoir, but that isn't 'important enough' to be covered in a particular 'pack' (such as a castle, palace, cathedral, etc). :)
In this case, near the water runway I made for the "Barragem do Vilar", in the village of "Fonte Arcada" as well as there being a medieval tower there (that will be covered in my castles pack), there is a fairly important church for the region or a "Santuário" (portuguese for sanctuary) as its called. So I placed a photoreal model of a traditional portuguese church in its location as you can see below:


It's not a model of the actual church at this location, but it is a model of a church i another town which is fairly similar, and gives the scenery a light regional/traditional touch in my opinion ;)
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Hey everyone,

Just another sneak peek into one of the water runway sceneries, this in the "Barragem da Aguieira" reservoir, one of the biggest reservoirs in Portugal, and a very popular water sports location in the region.
Close to the dam there is a somewhat fancy resort named "Montebelo Aguieira Lake Resort & Spa", which is where I decided to create the water runway, and so I made this scenery extra heavy on objects when compared to most of the other water runways in reservoirs, take a look:

View of the resort (recreation with generic objects) with its piers. Aircraft Pier startup location marked with a red circle

Final approach to the landing area or the 'runway' in SE direction. The snowy mountain in the distance is mainland Portugal's highest mountain: "Serra da Estrela", with its peak standing at 1993m (which has a restaurant and ski resort; the restaurant area will be recreated for this project in the future)

I'll keep posting pictures and news of the development!
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Hey @darrenvox

Like I said in my first post, the first part of the scenery I'm making are the airfields/airstrips, which will be 136 and are all real airstrips on land that exist in the country.
But since I'm a floatplane fan, and there are lots of dams with big reservoirs (as well as wide river mouths in the coast) in Portugal, I decided to create 30 water runways/floatplane bases in various places around the country, even though there aren't any in real life; so the floatplane bases are all fictitious, but are placed, for the most part, on/near existing harbors/marinas/piers for boats that DO exist! And they will indeed be for floatplane operations only, since there isn't any runway but the water landing area ;)

I simply decided to start by creating the floatplane bases, that's why you're only seeing pictures of water runways so far! After I'm done with the 30, I will begin creating the 136 airfields/airstrips (of which 38 will be improvements on those that already exist as default scenery in FS9), so don't get alarmed! :p

After that there will be more parts of the scenery (or 'packs'), which I mentioned in my first post also. This is a HUGE project and it will indeed take some time to make. My rough estimate is that I'll have the complete scenery ready by mid to end summer (probably around August), but I'll be releasing parts as they are completed so that people can start to enjoy flying in Portugal 'bit by bit' ;)
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Leo, would you mind, doing a new rendering for Lissabon Airport as well? Since the one from Aerosoft is now quite outdated and could use a new rendering.
Is there any chance of creating a new Lissabon Scenery hopefully in same or even better quality as the Aerosoft one?


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Hey @Airbasil

As I mentioned:
Planned scenery parts/packs to be included are as follows:
- Every airfield, airstrip and Air Base that exists in mainland Portugal, even some which have been closed in the last 20 years, in a total of 136 airfields (The major International airports LPPT, LPPR & LPFR won't be included, as there are already a lot of great renditions, payware and freeware), with accurate taxiways, aprons and terminals/building placements (though all will be created with generic or addon libraries, none will have photoreal buildings).
the 3 main airports LPPT, LPPR & LPFR (Lisbon, Porto & Faro respectively) won't be included, precisely because there are much better renditions (Aerosoft for Lisbon, TropicalSim for Porto & Faro are the best in my opinion, though all payware) than what I could ever do, since I'm no object/model designer; so if I did recreate Lisbon airport, it would be using default buildings or addon libraries at the most; no photoreal buildings like those you find in Aerosoft.

I might consider trying to update Aerosoft Lisbon's AFCAD though, to bring it on par with the recent developments the airport undertook, but that's something to think about after this project of mine.


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Hey everyone,

So my workflow is turning out to be slower than I anticipated, and I'm still making the Water runways; but I hope to get started on the airfields this next week.
In the meantime, here are 2 snapshots of one of the most beautiful reservoirs, the one of the 'Cabril' dam:

Approach from the south at the end of the day to the water landing area (marked & visible in the distance), following the Zêzere river valley up until the Cabril dam. The town of Pedrogao Grande, which was on the news a lot this last summer, unfortunately for the worst reasons, for being at the center of what were the 2nd largest and most fatal series of wildfires in Portugal ever (The largest wildfire ever occurred also in 2017 in October), is visible on the left.
The bridge is intended to represent the tall viaduct of the highway 'IC8' located there. I used it because there aren't any good viaduct objects in the default libraries (only causeways which aren't appropriate for deep valleys), and I couldn't find any from 3rd parties. But this bridge actually fits nicely with the landscape imo, so I opted to go with it :)

Approach from the North at the end of the day. Water landing area with pier full of docked boats near the NE threshold, where the pier start up location is. The viaduct/bridge mentioned previously is visible behind the hills and beyond the dam.

As always, I'll keep posting updates and snapshots of some stuff ;)
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Hey marioc,

Thanks I'll give it a look :) , though I won't hold my breath, as FSX/P3D stuff usually has dds textures which aren't compatible with FS9.

As for progress, I'm currently swamped in school work so I'm moving at a VERY slow pace right now. I'm still on the water runways, though I've also started (and almost finished) road and railroad improvements in the country, which is essentially adding bridges to wide river & reservoir areas which were missing in PTT, as well as creating new Motorways and Expressways missing from PTT, as they were built after the creation of that scenery.
As always I'll keep updating this thread with the latest news!


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Thanks Bjoern!
But the models might still be FSX/P3D only no?
Ill give them a look anyways when I get the time (which is in short supply for me rn!)


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Hey everyone,

Just a quick update on why there's been no updates lol.
I've been busy studying these last weeks and so progress on the project has come to a halt. I do except to resume work in the next 2 weeks or so.
Also I'm almost done with water runways, about 10 remain to be created by now.
I have also completed a 'side work' which consisted on adding VTP bridges to all river and lakes in the country where roads cross them. This is because Portugal Terrain simply had a VTP line as a road crossing these water bodies, which was somewhat dull; so I decided to fix this issue and all inland water bodies now have proper bridges crossing them ;)

I will post a new update as soon as I've restarted work in this, accompanied by new snapshots!


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Hello everybody! Well I'm back and I bring some more snapshots, this time of a 'special' seaplane base, as this one includes in the nearby village a representation of a famous medieval tower rebuilt by the Knights Templar in the 12th century on top of an original roman sentry tower; a small taste of what's to come in the future when it comes to the inclusion of Castles & Palaces all throughout Portugal ;) This seaplane base sits on the narrow valley of the Zêzere river in the village of Dornes, quite a few Kms north of the Castelo de Bode dam, one of the most important ones in the country.
The model of the tower is photoreal but unfortunately not of the actual tower; it's that of a spanish tower (located in the Trujilo region) which looks somewhat like the one in Dornes. The Church of Dornes is also represented with a photoreal model but again, not of the actual church, but instead of a very, very similar one from a town in the same region.
And now the pictures:
View of the pier and water runway

On 'final' to the landing area with Dornes village clearly visible below; Church & Tower to the right

Actual picture of Dornes taken roughly from the same angle as the snap above from the simulator

My workflow is being quite slow as I'm having lots of stuff going on at the moment, but I'll try to finish the Water runways ASAP so I can move on to the airfields and then publish the first 'pack' of this mega-project! :)
And as always I'll keep posting updates and snapshots from time to time!
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