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One More Topic....

I think a good Topic would be to show the many Forms of Adding Alpha Channels to a Texture(s).

Maybe also,... the problems that can occur.

Mario- Agreed. You know more of this than I ever will, but what you say does make good sense. And BTw- your English is fine. Here's an off topic question- In speaking words like Giovanni, is the gio prnounced like .... gee-o or is it pronounced like Joe... with a soft J? Or are both ways acceptable? Bob I've heard it both ways. Just curious. :) Bob
Hi Bob,
apologize for late answer, in italian the "g" followed by "i" or "e" is soft like "Joe" while followed by "a","o" or "u" is hard like "goal", if you want have an hard pronunce set "g" followed by an "h" like "ghepardo", as usual there are some exceptions at this rule.