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Hi everybody,

I used FSXKML to "draw" several hundred of islands in my Halong Bay scenery from Google Earth. FSXKML genrate BGL file with no problem since... today! It stops in SHP compilation.

I read in "closed" thread that there is "preFSX a small program..." that can manage compatibility between FSXKML and KML files.

Where I can download this program?

You can download here. amazing you had not problems with the google kml files till now. this tool fix the vertices for the lines and polygons.
here... where here?

It's may be the version of Google, or result of automatic microsoft update...
Thank a lot Tejal Bernardo!

I installed PREFSXKML, "cleaned" my KML files and I can now run FSXKML!

I have to delete all plane islands over where I putted 3D islands, like in Halong Bay (crazy project but so beautiful site). In FSX I go over the island and with FSXGET I see her over the polygon in GoogleEarth. Just have to delete it so the roch tower is... a rock tower... like in the bay.

Great. I would like to make something similar with some rock for the scenery
I have made my own ships, I have to learn too much yet. It's not the Amundsen :D


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Your ship look very nice!

For the rocks it is very simple : tube, 8-10 points, 5-8 sections, smoothed and textured!

In Halong Bay the problem is the number of islands. Not for the work to do but for the less performant computer because they can lag. So I put scenery complexity NORMAL for a half of my 3D islands and DENSE for the other half.