FSX Prefsx

Hi everybody,

I used FSXKML to "draw" several hundred of islands in my Halong Bay scenery from Google Earth. FSXKML genrate BGL file with no problem since... today! It stops in SHP compilation.

I read in "closed" thread that there is "preFSX a small program..." that can manage compatibility between FSXKML and KML files.

Where I can download this program?

Thank a lot Tejal Bernardo!

I installed PREFSXKML, "cleaned" my KML files and I can now run FSXKML!

I have to delete all plane islands over where I putted 3D islands, like in Halong Bay (crazy project but so beautiful site). In FSX I go over the island and with FSXGET I see her over the polygon in GoogleEarth. Just have to delete it so the roch tower is... a rock tower... like in the bay.

Your ship look very nice!

For the rocks it is very simple : tube, 8-10 points, 5-8 sections, smoothed and textured!

In Halong Bay the problem is the number of islands. Not for the work to do but for the less performant computer because they can lag. So I put scenery complexity NORMAL for a half of my 3D islands and DENSE for the other half.