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P3D v4 Prepar3d addon folder location

I've posted this on the Prepar3d site, but there's probably a better chance of some quick, meaningful replies here...
I have always chosen my own installation location for Prepar3d, since v2, for brevity's sake I've called them 'P3D' for v2, 'P3D3' and 'P3D4'.
I notice that I have folders called 'P3D3addons' and 'P3D4addons' at the same folder location as the Prepar3d installs. I have always assumed that the Prepar3d installer did this -- is that the case?
Does everyone have this folder?
Where is it located?
How is it named?
I'm working on a scenery installer, and it would be helpful to have this folder as the 'default' location for those users who don't want to delve into the technical bits of choosing an install location. I just need to be able to reliably locate it for everyone.
Sorry, it now looks like I created these folders myself, when I was working on a project which was never finished. I am really getting too old for this...