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Prepar3D Surround

Hello guys, after quiete a long time I decided to take a big decision and have just installed the Prpar3D V3 Academic version. Of course I am just starting to configure it, however one of the first things that I have noticed is that all of my planes with VC that I had in FSX, and that nos are in Prepar3D, used the three monitors that I have for the surround effect, and now Prepar3D shows only the VC on the centre monitor. Have I done something wrong? I have not touched the Nvidea surround paramaters and left them as they where, or is there any need to modify them so that I get the surround effect?
Apreciate yout thoughts
Well my friends, seems as if nobody has had this inconvenience since I see no comments.
However and for those interested innthe issue, let me tell you that I managed tomsolve the problem by trying different monitor resolutions till,I found the apprpiate one amd once there I extended the screen to,cover my three monitors in surround.
Thanks anyhow to,those who,visited the thread.