FSXA preview panel

I just noticed I cannot get an expanded view in preview panel now. Other panes I can. I try preview pane error message says something about DX11 could notfind.... and something about a pointer.

Recent changes in my machine is an jupgradeto a 25" monitor with 2500xsomething resolution. Maybe that's it. If so any fix. Bob
Just figured it out. It seems FSDS cna't handle this size screen in expansion mode. I checked dxdiag and found no errors in 32 bit or 64 bit. dx11.

I found that if I go out of full screen mode with FSDS and into smaller size and resize it down a bit everything works fine. How far down to rezie I hven't figure out but if I draw it down to what would look like a 19 " screen or so- FSDS behaves. So if anyone out there is reading this, I hope this helps if you ever go to a bigger screen. Bob