Problem exporting bones animation

Hello, I've a strange problem exporting an animation with bones. I posted on the Blender forum but maybe it's not the good place, I think.

When I export an animation with armature, via MCX, in mdl, I've a strange result (the second picture). I precise that this problem don't appear in MCX himself but only after the integration in FSX or P3D.
On another hand, If I export the same file directly from Blender, The animation does work properly !

Below, two captures to explain my problem :
The first after export directly from blender to FSX
The second, the same mdl file, in FSX, but after export via MCX.

I Don't know where is the cause of this problem. Maybe someone has an idea ?

Thank you for your help :)


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Sounds like you found a bug in MCX, but since you write that in the preview it shows correctly I'm not sure what is going on.

Would you have a sample file to test for me? E.g. one of those person.
Yes, Indeed, Arno.
Nice to help me.

Here is a file for test. OK from blender to fsx and the problem when I export via MCX