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Hello to all, firstly I present before you since I am new in this great community, I hope we get along very well. I want to ask for help in a problem that presents me with some objects that are placed on some mountains the objects that are placed are wind turbines, the problem is that when I move away they disappear with only 3 miles that I move away. And when I get closer they reappear. In all the time I worked on creating scenarios I never had anything like this happen, some of you might know how to solve that problem. I would appreciate them enough. I wish you a happy day and success Greetings.


This is usually called LOD, which I think means 'level of detail' and is based on distance. When people compile scenery, they usually have LOD variants. LOD 100 is full scale. LOD 200 is like 200 feet away. So at 200 feet, the first object disappears, and the LOD200 appears. Some objects disappear after 200 or 500 or 1000 feet, depending on LOD settings.

You do have the option of making your models not disappear. You can (I think) edit scenery objects on this in ModelConverterX. I build planes, so I am not familiar with scenery LOD settings. You can do this with planes also. You make a simpler version model for 'far away' views, and continue to the maximum distance, where the model then looks like a paper airplane, but at distance in the sim, its almost a dot. The reason for all of this is to minimize memory useage in the sim.


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Level of Detail models are implemented to conserve rendering power. A single model has no LOD sub models and therefore will be visible in full high quality detail at all distances of viewing. Since your field of view increases with distance, this view region could be filled with several highly detailed models, all competing for render resources. A solution is to include lower detail models that are rendered as distance increases. Sometimes playing video games you may notice airplanes or distant objects kind of pop or change shape slightly, sometimes they disappear entirely at distance. This is the visual evidence of the LOD algorithm being implemented.

Unfortunately for this discussion, none of the above applies. LOD models are sub models created by the artist and added to the main model using tools like MCX. If the artist does not do this, the model remains visible in full detail at all distances.
Billy, please provide some information about this wind turbine model; what software was use to create it, your procedure used to compile to sim, the simulator you are using, that sort of thing. Also, there are some anomalies in your images. The distance displacement appears to be more than three miles, I am not disputing the assertion, but it looks more like 7 or 10 miles to me. Also it appears that two instances of the object are still visible in the distance image and that they occupy very few pixels. Do these observations seem accurate? If this is the case, you may want to review this article:
Hi, how are you RK the model of wind turbines, I do not model them if you do not download them from the page what I did nothing else was to include them in a mountain near the airport of central america in specific MGGT the aurora that in the Real life I met them when I flew through that area.


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OK, understandable. I still think the article might provide a solution for you, if you haven't tried it already. Also, perhaps you could offer a link to the model and we could take a look at it?