FSXA Problem light mapping FSDS 3.5.1

Hello everyone,

I encounter a problem of texture.
I use FS Design Studio 3.5.1 and I compile my models with XToMDL.
I'm just finishing a ship model, I want to make a fixed model, an AI traffic, and a controllable models.
My version of BGL model and AI traffic are finished by cons regarding piloted my model, I have a right to the VC, I don not have the intention to do something complex, but at least have some onboard instrument Solicitating because it is a helicopter carrier, so would like to put atc radar and other navigation instruments.

But here is my problem is the following, regarding the VC I followed the tutorial dealing with different textures for jagues and light texture.
I have followed the following tutorial:
FSX Textures Emissive and How They Relate to Virtual Cockpit Lighting Bill Leaming to understand but it is Gmax.
I ve also watch this tutorial
VC Gauge Backlighting - A Tutorial
Using Emissive Texture lightmapping Bill Leaming

Massimo Taccoli, made me a tutorial, in order to replicate this kind of texture in FS Design Studio outside it seems that something about him does not work at home.

In the example indicated by Massimo, he appoints his _panel_VCpan.bmp texture
texture that raises the gauges, but from my side if I name the texture in this way, my gauges n not appear in FSX by cons if I name my $ texture panel and that I apply in the FSDS my gauges work properly.(show screen)

Indicate the material is as follows(show screen)

1 questions: the SEVERAL way to create texture on which positions the gauges?

2 question: is there someone like me?

In terms of light texture, here's question:

Is the room should have a special name like Panel_light?

It is necessary that the room is the same name as the texture?

How does one activates the play?

Which axis should be towards the back of the appreil and to which part of the plane face of the polygon must be direct?

I managed to creating night texture in the stage, panel_LM example by checking the box N

When I want a light texture created either by checking the box with no light mapping L Alpha Chanel, it does not work.

sorry for all his questions but I already rowed for AC with FS 2004 and FSX I am lost.

I thank all those who can help me.
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Hi everybody,

Craken is a french developer who translate in google translation. I am not to bilingual but I hope this translation will be more understandable...



I have a texture problem. My operating system is Windows 8.1. I use FS Design Studio 3.5.1 and I compile my models XToMDL.
I finish a ship model, I made a static, an AI and a pilotable models.

The ship is the Jeanne-D'Arc french helicopters carrier. In the pilotable model I want some gauches like ATC radar and standard Ai ship instruments. My problem is for the VC cockpit.

I followed these tutorials
  • FSX Textures Emissive and how they relate to the virtual cockpit lighting (Bill Leaming)
  • VC Gauge backlighting - A tutorial (Bill Leaming)
  • Massimo Taccoli also made a tutorial for me but it does not work for me.
Massimo name is texture _panel_VCpan.bmp but if I do the same the texture wont display. However if I name it $panel my gauges work.

1. Is there many ways to place texture for the gauges?

2. Is somebody use the same method than me?

3. Did the illuminated panel or gauge texture has to have a particular name?

4. Did the gauge part has to have the same name than the texture?

5. How to activate the part, to illuminate it?

6. Did there is a particular axis to use in positionning the part or the texture?