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I have a rotating knob that controls the decision height.
The XML code is as simple as expected:


I roll the mouse forward and the decision height increases, 10 by 10 as expected, perfect.
But when I roll the mouse backward, it works well a few times, decreasing the value 10 by 10, before suddenly reaching 0. Very strange...
Same when I use the mouse button: if i decrease by keeping the button depressed, it decreases correctly 4 or 5 times, then directly sets the value to 0, as if there was a super-accelerator that decreases the value so quickly that it goes to 0 before giving you the time to see it.

This doesn't happen when increasing the value. I already used this in fs9, FSX and P3D and never noticed this problem before.

Did you ever notice the same?
Any idea?


[EDIT] I solved the problem using my own variable to manage decision height, but I consider this as a workaround. If you have any explanation, please let me know.
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Just a guess, but there is probably a minimum decision height (maybe 100 ft) so if you try to enter a height less than that it goes to zero.
The problem would not exist with your own variable.
No, unfortunately not... I already thought about this and increased the decision height up to 400+. Then decreasing it quickly with the mouse wheel set it to 0 long before it reached 100. In fact, after 4 or 5 cycles, it turns back to 0 so if you are at 400, it normally decreases to 360 or 350, then directly to 0.
Obviously, I don't have any problem when I use my own variable.
Did you ever notice the same?
Any idea?
I don't get the same behaviour. I just attached the decision height events to a control in my own aircraft, monitored the decision height variable in simvars and it works perfectly fine. No sudden jumps. It works as expected with mouse click, mouse wheel and dragging. Do you get the same behaviour with any other events in that same code? Say the attitude indicator bars pitch? Or Kohlsman knob?
That's interesting, it probably means there is a problem in my model, even though I am not sure about this because there is no problem at all when I use my own variable.
No, I never saw the same behavior with other events, and I have many others... The decision height is the only one that causes this problem.
I will do some additional testing. First I will try to map the decision height on another control to see if it works differently, I will let you know.
You were right Anthony, once again :)
I mapped the increase/decrease decision height events on another control and it works perfectly.
There is definitely a problem in my model, I will look into it.
Thanks again for your help !!