Problem with Hanger Model


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The tests you did, they are just colors right?The colors don't play well in P3D v4.4 or v4.5... also what SDK are you using in MCX,.. what textures is it asking for as textures?

A screen shot of the material editor please.
My last test is an export of Blender "Blender2FSXP3D" is in ".mdl" and opens in MCX in ".MDL" directly the requested texture is in ".DDS" as on the screen.

I used the Blender base cube and the result is correct in the sim :rolleyes:






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Your first picture is representing PBR materials or (ALL). Make sure you have set accordingly at the top (see picture).


and when saving to a model, make sure to use (see picture):


I assume you didn't keep the P3D SDK v4.3 around somewhere or did you purchase P3D after v4.3?

The problem in testing (especially when using just black and white as colors), the shader doesn't work well. This is why in your original testing you had problems (compared to the one you did recently). The white color, in particular, can cause the sparkling effect that you mention in your original post. You know and I know you are not wanting to use PBRs but after v4.4 the Shader engine doesn't know. Whether you intend to use PBR or not the shader will interpret as a PBR (since v4.4 was released). The diffuse maps compared to an albedo map is the difference in that one has directional light information (diffuse). Any white color with the diffuse/albedo maps can be misinterpreted by the shader. The possible workaround is to use an off-white color (add a little color to it - such as yellow - so it's more of a cream color). Unfortunately, there isn't a way to turn off the PBR shader.

Let get back to your 3ds file and why its looks or appears de-arranged... give me some time to locate a test object - unless you would like to share your ".blend" file with me?
I have done a lot of testing in different export formats today without any good results except when I use a primitive mesh of blender.
-I saved the SDK4.3
-I send you my file ".blend" file



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If you have uninstalled the SDK v4.3, go ahead and re-install it.

Within MCX options (under the Exporter settings), have the P3D v4 BGLComp path pointed to the ...\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 SDK\World\Scenery\bglcomp.exe.
Again, under the Exporter settings, have the P3D v4 XtoMDL path pointed to the ..\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 SDK\Modeling\3ds Max\3DSM2012_x64\Plugins\XtoMDL.exe.

Everything else should be left as is. This should help when using non-PBR textures since you are using an SDK that was prior to PBR materials were interduced. Unfortunately, though the simulator within v4.5 could misinterpret the colors - white and black within the diffuse/ albedo map.

Give me some time on your ".blend" file to see if I can't get it to appear correctly within the Sim.


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Exporting from Blender ".3DS" file (see picture). If you do not see this side panel there should be a plus symbol at the top left corner:


Make sure the Forward is set to Y Forward and Up is set to Z Up before continuing with the export. I did notice that for some reason the texture isn't being called correctly upon export. I had to replace it within the material editor within MCX. Other than that, within MCX everything appeared as in Blender.

Another option to you is to export it as a ".fbx" file (see picture):


Make sure the Forward field is set to Y Forward and the Up field set to Z Up before continuing the export.

I didn't have to replace the texture with the ".fbx" export within MCX.

Keep in mind that the simulator may not like the white color within the diffuse/ albedo map. Other than that, within MCX everything appeared as in Blender.
Thanks Doug !!
the import ".fbx" seems the best option because it keeps the position of the model of Blender only the scale needs a simple conversion
1 = 0.01
the textures do not twinkle I wait tomorrow to do more checking.
-Export 3ds is less interesting because it does not keep the position

the first screen to realize how good the position and the scale are, the second one with the ".BGL" set OFF


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