problem with instant scenery 3 and whisplacer

I cann't use this software programs to modify my old liee airport, because these software doesn't work more. Instant scenery doesn't show interface and whisplacer doesn't connect with fsX. For the first program, I reinstalled it but the problem is the same, for second I installed again the simconnect but pheraps ,I have the wrong version. Question, which version the program uses?

Please be aware that IS3 is not (yet ?) compatible with P3Dv4.x, and FSX_SE requires use of this IS3 installer:

As you may already know, the above link is from a thread in the "official" IS3 support forum here:

We 'may' be able to help if you post here, a copy of all text from last modified versions of these (2) files:

C:\Users\[user account name]\AppData\Roaming\Flight1\Instant Scenery\InstantScenery.log

C:\Users\[user account name]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\dll.xml

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Hi Gary, thanks for your fast answer. I' Don't have fsx_SE, I have original Flight simulator X with DVD,+dvd acceleration pack. I already posted the question on Simforum, but i didn't receive answer. I post here my Instant scenery log and InstantScenery.log. Now try your update.


I tried the update, nothing to do! But I think it's a configuration problem, since I also have Instant Object studio, which works quietly. But I don't know where to go to work to resolve.
Hi Andrea:

The IS3 log file does not appear to show any errors related to SimConnect or other IS3 operations, including the otherwise hidden process launched by default via IS3 which checks for updates every 7 days.

The DLL.XML file also shows that IS3 and IOS are enabled, and configured to automatically launch without prompting for permission during FS startup.

I would first try temporarily disabling your multiple DLLs for SDK modules, and 3rd party VA / multi-player activities, OrbX etc. within DLL.XML

<Name>[add-on name]</Name>
<Path>[add-on path]\[add-on module name.dll]</Path>

I suggest that you perform such edits using NotePad++ ...rather than NotePad or any other text editor:

Save the edited changes to the XML file type in its original folder.

Next, re-start FS in "windowed" NOT "Full Screen" mode.

If after pressing < Alt > key to show FSX GUI Menu bar, you do not see IS3 in the Add-ons pull-down menu, exit FS and edit the above active copy of DLL.XML to set the following options for Instant Scenery:

<Name>Instant Scenery</Name>
<Path>C:\Instant Scenery 3\InstantSceneryFSX.dll</Path>

After re-starting FSX, you should be prompted to manually allow permission for IS3 to launch its module.

If you are not prompted to allow permission for IS3 to launch, you may have other "configuration" issues which are impractical to troubleshoot within this thread, and which may require a forced un-install of IS3.

If you choose to do so, I suggest using Revo Uninstaller Pro demo with the advanced hunt / delete option:

I hope this info may prove helpful to you. :)

Hi Gary, I followed your advice, but I didn't get the desired effect. There seems to be some option I set, but I don't know where to correct it. Anyway thanks for your active help.
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