P3D v4 Problem with roads

I was absent from scenery design for many years so I forgot a lot of things. One thing that I thought is pretty straightforward is making roads in SBX. But I'm pulling my hair out for many hours now trying to put some simple roads on photo scenery with SBX (v3.15). As you can see, I draw roads with a line, selected Vector lines and a GUID (Concrete 1 lane Divided Median... also tried many others), set the width, then I selected all and compiled a bgl with everything selected. I got 3 bgl files that I put in Addon scenery folder within P3D that I added in Scenery library. Photo scenery and one added object show in the sim but no roads at all. In TmfViewer lines also show. It's probably something really stupid that I'm doing wrong but I'm lost here. Any help would be much appreciated!



A default CVX vector "Road" texture does not show on custom photo-real imagery BGL textures regardless of what Area layer it has in FS Scenery Library GUI.

But if you create CVX vector Freeway Traffic, that will show on custom photo-real imagery BGL textures.