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Blender Proper done workflow?

Hello. I've tried this method of texturing and doing overlaying on my polygon in blender. Basically I finish my polywork and start using the 1:1 texture as base asphalt texture on Bottom polygon. At this moment i don't worry about repetition. The next thing i want is to (or have already) duplicated the plain polygon for my next overlay texture. Basically i have been using the reference sat imagery with photoshop to place another asphalt texture on my polygon. Shown in Picture #1 It's basically good quality, but im not going for the really high res like the base texture and more like the consistency once that is placed ontop of the tiled Base texture. I use UV in blender to place it where i want on the runway for instance and use Alpha blend. but is it really how i should do it? Is there any other method of doing this?

The Overlay Texture, made ontop of the Satellite reference image in Photoshop. It's not perfect, but perosnally only to overlay the Base texture

This is the base asphalt texture.

This is both the Texture combined. Still unsure if this is how people normally would do it
I UV placed the texture made in photoshop, on the same polygon (but just a duplicated one)
I turned alpha level down so the transparency goes down to blend correctly with the repetition base texture.

From distance

Close up