P3D v4 Question About AFLT3

Hi Don:

I want to do runway lights with AFLT, but i´m a bit lost here, if i understand the manual, i need to use the AFLT (simobjects).exe to do it for P3D4, but can´t open the application. A windows open with the text "unable to establish a connection to via simconnect" if I click OK button, opens a new window with unhandled exception of .NET framework, with a text could not find a part of the path D: xxxxxx\AFLT\XML, and in the root directory where AFLT is installed there is XML file named add on.XML, if I click the continue button, opens another window with 2 buttons; Connect and disconnect clicking in the connect button returns to the first window.

The other AFLT.exe opens with no problem.


1.- Is correct to open the AFLT (simobject).exe for P3D4?
2.- if is yes what is wrong or what i need to do to run AFLT?

Thanks in advance for your time and help.


Windows 7 64b
PhenomX3 3.1 ghz procesor


Resource contributor
1.- Is correct to open the AFLT (simobject).exe for P3D4?
No. Assuming you are using the latest release (3.1.02, if not please upgrade), custom lights are created the same way for all Flightsim versions. Open AFLT3.exe. AFLT3 will create and install the correct library.