Question about Emissive

Otavio Bonomi

Resource contributor
Hello friends of the oracle, I really need your help.
I have a question about Emissive that I think you are already tired of answering, I confess that I did not find anything about it.

I am creating a terminal building and I would like it to change colors according to dusk and dawn.
I put on an emissive for Blue night.
My question is, can I use more of a texture as emissive?
Sorry for my ignorance.
Maybe if I use user controlled Blend, I really do not know.



I would like this red texture to appear in Dusk and this other yellow in the dawn, is it possible? I do not know if I'm talking bullshit, probably...
Maybe used in gauges, like an airplane panel.


Thanks for the helping.


Otavio Bonomi

Resource contributor
Cool, it's already something positive.
Thank you Rick.
If I can get it on P3D I'm already satisfied.
:scratchchNow just find out how.