Question about Scenery Folder Structure

I would like to know the folder structure to use to create a scene in AFS2... where to put our custom Scenery folder and how organize the files in ?

my small knowledge:
- as I know the parent Scenery folder need 2 folders: "Images" and "Places"
-> orthophotos (.ttc files) goes into "Images" folder.
-> airport definition (.tsc files) goes into "Places" folder.

my questions:
- where to put parent Scenery folder ? into AFS2 scenery folder ?
- where to put cultivation files (.toc) ?

Hope someone could help ;-)
Users can't place anything inside of the core Aerofly folder. It all goes into the documents\Aerofly FS 2 folder. Cultivation files go inside the airport folder that the user creates and the files are defined inside the TSC file created.

You can find more detailed information in the Aerofly Wiki:


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And while adding TGI support to MCX I found out that the TSC file that places objects, goes in the same folder as the converted models and textures. The content converter takes care of the this.