FSX Ramp Light Tutorial

A "brilliant" Ramp Light tutorial, Mark ! :idea:

I especially appreciated the example use of Sketchup for such an object historically otherwise made in GMAX/3DSMAX.

Also, a very "illuminating" worked example showing how MCX 'shines' as a pre-visualization rendering engine via OpenGL !

I also enjoyed seeing the practical explanation of how Bloom, Specular, and other more obscure Material attributes may be configured in the MCX Material Editor, and how they look in the MCX preview mode as well as in a live FS flight session. :pushpin:

BTW: Certainly there may always be unique settings required for material properties pertinent to each texture.

Perhaps in a future tutorial, you can also elaborate as to how end users with more standardized 're-usable' textures may wish to use the MCX option for saving per-texture Material 'settings' to a file, and applying them as a "template" from a pick-list in MCX Material Editor when customized versions of certain 3D models made from 'pre-assembled' parts they have previously made ...are imported into MCX ? :scratchch

Many thanks for sharing your insights with us again ! :teacher: