road traffic

Actually, my previous reply was adressed to George.
To Greg I'd say: what is the color of your hair? Grey already? Then you have time to figure it out for yourself. If not: grow it first:D and make sure you have enough money to spend the rest of your days without time to make money.
But I would gladly give you a helping hand if within my capabilties.
I have never been to this airport of yours in Ohio as the farthest up north I have been was St. Augustine,Crystal Springs and Yankee Town (not sure which one is more north) and the farthest south was Southern Indiana, and all in between is 'virgin' country still to be discovered.
I think though that it would be more appropriate to have this out of the public threads and use PM's instead with the help of George i.e if interested (he knows more than I do as I lost for instance precious months in trying to prove something he already knew a long time ago) because indeed it is all there if you have enough time and not get 'lost' in the multitude of programs that are supposed to help you out.
I really don't have time to become more involved.

I do read the posts here frequently and reply if I think I have something useful to say.

BTW. My hair is already grey ;)
I do to, George,

But still mine disappear if time is set before departure:
What's the difference besides the track length?
George, you added your reply before mine was formulated.
I appreciated your help and I hope I could add something to your own FS experience just by making you more curious still, as there is so much more to be found out.
Never mind.
Greyhaired Rob
Are you sure ?
Here, no joy!
Of course I can make the flightplan in such a way that you will never experience this phenomenon, but i do not think that is the idea.
Other question: any inkling what the wheelradius influences? Haven't found any behaviour that is different if wheel radius is 1 ft or 5ft.