Roads with vector autogen doesnt show

Hello. Im trying to put some roads, with vector autogen (example 8 lanes concrete divided median), who has an associated vectorautogen:
{24A157E8-59BA-7748-AB32-7A688036A873} ( Large divided highway with road signs and generic signs and large billboards and median barrrier and middle lights).
But after compile, the road shows up, but no autogen vectors are present. Can you help me?
Thanks in advance.


Resource contributor
Hi there,

vector autogen only displays if the underlying landclass also has active autogen. Thus, if the road vectors cross an area without any autogen buildings or vegetation (desert, shrubland, etc.) then there won't be any roadside signs or lights either. Perhaps that's your issue?

Cheers, Holger
Hello Holger. I cant see any vector autogen (lights, roadsigns,etc) on roads, even on landclass with active autogen or crossing autogen buildings or vegetation. Here is a pic of the city of Barcelona:
Image 009.jpg
On FS9 i can see every vector autogen , but not in FSX.