Rotate with wind - axis of rotation

Hi, All

Two questions, really:

1. In an object tweaked to rotate to wind, does it matter which axis (colour) is the vertical?

2. Because of mkmdl not liking a small object weather vane, I made a larger box and placed it underground, then made sure the pivots of both the weather vane and box were absolutely coincident, then I attached the two (box and weather vane) in gmax. Should this work?

(I know we need two objects, and I just installed two instances of the same object in the same place)




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Yes, vertical is always the z axis. Adding another box does not matter. They will rotate around the reference point, not the pivot though.

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Which colour?

Hi, Arno

Does it matter what colour arrow (when displaying the pivot arrows) is vertical? The bluish? (default) or it doesn't matter?


PS. This one isn't rotating with the wind...
Hi Folks,

I just finished a working Wind Tee for my airport... I thought we needed two of the same object in order to get the rotate with wind to work... We can use any two objects ??? That could save me a few polys...

Mine rotates on the Y axis but I'm not using GMAX and export to Direct X before running MakeMDL...

Good luck Fern...

Mine doesn't rotate at all

Thanks for the good wishes, Scott.

I even put another thread in, describing what I did, because I can't make the things rotate with the wind at all.

I made a box, left it on the ground (didn't think it mattered), exported, tweaked with Arno's MDL Tweaker, placed it twice (side by side) with ObPlacer, in the North direction (000 heading).

No amount of wind or direction makes any difference, the two boxes are always "pointing" north - as much as boxes can point. They are long and narrow.

Any clues? Thanks