Rotation 360° with problem (needle)

I have a problem during a rotation animation on 360 ° for 90 of length with steps of 10, the whole having to follow a variable which is a modulo 10 multiplied by 10 of a number varying between 0 and 500 to obtain values such 0..10..20 until 90. All is right for the first 10 values from 0 to 9 but when the modulo returns to 0 instead of remaining in place, the animation goes through a 360 ° back to the initial position (of course the same then 90) and start after in the right direction.
I do not understand the problem very well. I'm using Blender 2.79 and Blender2FSX 0.94. Do you have an idea?



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Was it set to linear? You only need to set 4 times,... once at 90, 180, 270 and 360 (0),... there is no need to set it by 10 degrees at each step.

That is, if I understand what you are saying...
You understand perfectly.Yes it is set to linear. I did 4 times as you said and I got the same!
I have other animations of this style and they work fine, a clock for example.
That's why I'm amazed.
Oops! What do you mean by "modifiers left open" or "scale left unchecked" . Scale is 1.0 for all axes and apply modifier is checked.


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If any modifiers were used, they will need to be "applied" before any animations are set. The Scale needs to be at 1.0 for all axes prior to any animations are done as well.. If the scale wasn't set to 1.0 prior to any animations set, then the animations will most likely not function correctly.

What animations (needles) are for? It might require in looking at the .blend file to further troubleshoot this problem.


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Unfortunately,.. I'm not fluent in the number of rounds within a machine gun, but this would more than likely be a nested animation; calculating the amount of ammo per the number of rounds.. (or something similar). So the 90, 180, 270, and 360 - such like a clock mechanism may not be the proper counter calculation. Hopefully, someone will follow up in something that would be better in qualifying for this.
I will redo the animation. Maybe something wrong. I have no problem with tires, propeller, clock etc. but it's no really important.The little needle counts the rounds x 10. It's for simulate french system weapons of prewar II fighters.



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Let us see the XML script you are using to count rounds, particularly the 10's needle. I suspect it's there and not in the needles key framing.
It is based on a timer (you can find the code everywhere) for 1200 rounds per minute (10 rounds each 0.5 secondes which is enought because 2 needles : 1 for rounds*100 end 1 for rounds * 10), the 10's based on a modulo 10. The 3D gauge is a one shot count down from 500 to 0 in the case of my project.
The counter gauge progress each 10 rounds so the unit is the 10's value like this

" <Code> (L:JMC_compteur_mitgC_V, number) 10 % 10 * </Code>"

For clarity the gauge use keys from 0 to 90 for 10's (it was possible to use 0 to 9 of course) and the code would be "<Code> (L:JMC_compteur_mitgC_V, number) 10 % </Code>" !

You may be fooled by the video illustration because it is a test to see if the animation went to the shortest way to go from 0 to 9.
In the previous test (9 and 0 same position of the needle) the needle reached to zero and returned to zero in the opposite direction before continuing.

I don't believe this wrong! I think it's a problem in the design of the animation maybe a mix between local and global axes.
The gauge is not oriented vertically and horizontally along the global axes.
I wil redo the job soon but for now this is not a priority.
Local values controlled by XmlTools and Global by FSUIPC.

Very distracted, I had forgotten in a copy and paste operation the heading "Animlength".
But it's better to count the shots from 500 to 0 for 5 spins of the tens counter and to advance the count of hundreds 10 times slower.
Now it's works fine.
Thank you, Bill, for the doubt that you have put in my mind