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Ruby Tuesday [2017-03-14]

Ruby Tuesday [2017-03-14]

I am long overdue for posting another installment to this series of threads: :cool:


FYI: A feature to load and immediately activate (most) plugin Ruby scripts has been built-in to newer releases of Sketchup subsequent to version 8, and the Sketchup version 8 Maintenance Release 2 (aka "M-2").

Using the 'built-in' feature, one can install other Sketchup plugin Ruby scripts via:

Sketchup Menu > Window > Preferences > Extensions > [Install Extension] button

1.) Browse to file / folder location for a downloaded plugin Ruby script file

2.) Select a plugin Ruby script file in either RB, RBS, RBZ or ZIP archive package file format

3.) Click [Open] button

4.) Say "Yes" to the security prompt regarding file / folder access permission

End users with the 'original version 8' releases of Sketchup 8 that do not (yet) have the Sketchup version 8 Maintenance Release 2 (aka "M-2") installed, have previously had to do some extra work to install Ruby plugin scripts:


But now there are options to make that process easier. :idea:

IMHO, the following is yet another "Must_Have" Ruby plugin script for 'original version 8' releases of Sketchup 8, as well as later versions ex: Make / 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016 / 2017 ...which can help minimize the number of steps required to add other Ruby plugin scripts and any required sub-folders to the proper (and version-specific) Sketchup 'system' folder chain location in Windows ...via "Drag-and-Drop" GUI method.


thomthom: DropZone Plugin Installer (Windows) v1.1.0

Drag and Drop installation of RB, RBS, RBZ and ZIP packages. This plugin makes use of new HTML5 technology, therefore a modern IE or WebKit installed on the computer is required.

Usage: Plugins > Thomthom's Plugins > DropZone

Dependencies: TT Lib2


Downloads: 1709 [ Version Updated: 2013-11-28 18:05:00 ]

: Since some FSDeveloper forum participants are "payware guys" that prefer to use Sketchup, it merits mentioning here that...

Sketchup version-8 (32-bit) is the last version allowed to be used for both freeware and commercial purposes without a license.

The original version-8 package is the 'fastest' working build compared to newer "Make" or 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016 / 2017 and/or 64-bit versions, and can be downloaded here:


BTW: AFAIK, that is the last issued and most current updated Sketchup version 8 released:


NOTE: Sketchup version-8 can run on Windows-XP if desired, although some (optional) plugin Ruby scripts may use DLLs that require more recent Windows component functions, and some dialog GUIs may require newer versions of Internet Explorer.

PS: When Google transferred Sketchup to Trimble, some server addresses changed for the Geolocation feature, and a simple fix must be implemented by the end user in order for that to function properly: :alert:


Perhaps this helps anyone here that wishes to use Sketchup version-8 under its intended EULA (...and optionally on Windows-XP, if desired). ;)

Hope this helps ! :)

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