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SAMM Concerning P3Dv2

First; I am very comfortable using samm in FSX. Have a couple of questions using samm in p3d. Open samm and under Label Aircraft, I change from FSX to P3Dv2 radio button. My Static Aircraft reads: C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\SimObjects\Airplanes. I notice the FSX.mdl is selected. I try to select the PV3Dv2 radio button does not show the black dot in this choice of selection. So I am unsure of what mdl I will get. Under Model Save and placement, I select the P3Dv2 box. I click the Save.mdl.
Everything done. Install the new static craft in P3D addon scenery. I copy and paste texture created by samm in texture folder of project I'm working with. Open P3D and texture is always black.
This is basically same steps I do in FSX. Can you suggest what I might be doing wrong in P3Dv2?
Thank you so very much for your time.


Resource contributor
I notice the FSX.mdl is selected
Do you mean the FSX Mdl radiobutton to the right of the Title combo box? If so, That almost certainly is correct. All of the stock models in P3Dv2 are FSX vintage. The Aircraft textbox tells you where the model is located. The user manual should (and will) explain this better.

Open P3D and texture is always black.
P3D is not seeing the textures. Did you "package the textures properly? (i.e., are they in a sub-folder titled same as the static model?). SAMM can save the textures for you (Place This Model button). The process is exactly the same as for FSX.

After SAMM compiles (if that is the correct word), I copy the static folder into addon scenery. I open the texture folder and and copy the texture folder named Static DC-3 Olive Drab P3D,P3D into the working folder texture. Example: Addon scenery\
ABCD\texture folder. This is how I did it in FSX and works perfect.

Do you mean the FSX Mdl radiobutton to the right of the Title combo box? Yes sir, that is correct. Just was not sure if showing FSX.mdl instead of P3D.mdl was causing the problem. Thank you for that.


Resource contributor
You seem to be doing things correctly, generally. But without knowing exactly what you named the model, I can't be sure. (I assume it was named "Static DC-3 Olive Drab P3D,P3D".) But, if that's the case, that comma (,) may be causing the difficulty. Try naming the model something without punctuation marks. SAMM may be "tripping" over them.

Should that not solve the problem, please send me the complete static model sub-folder (You should find it in the SAMM\Models\FSX folder) and tell me the full path to the folder in which you placed the texture files in your addon scenery folder.

Of course, if the problem is that comma, I'd like to know as well.

I will give this a try in a few minutes and let you know soon as I can. I did try something else. I used MCX to create a bgl file. One success now in P3D is I have the DC-3 sitting on the ground as it should. Still no texture. I would rather take a whupping
than mess with url's!! I use Photo Bucket maybe twice a year. To complicated for me. Is it possible to send the file some other way?? I do have dropbox. Appreciate all your time and help.


Resource contributor
If dropbox doesn't do it for you, all you need do is zip up that folder and e-mail it to me at don at stuff4fs dot com.