FS2004 SBuilder run time error


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There should be a new 64-bit version of SBuilderX available quite soon. This should take care of these types of problems.

Ok, how do I install it? I downloaded it and when I double-clicked on it gave me a popup asking me where to place the extracted files and it gave me yet another self extracting .exe, I ran that, it showed a bunch of progress bars before I got multiple windows 8 dialogs telling me they all "might not have installed correctly." I tried the compatibility settings thingy, still got the same popups.


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All I can say is SBuilder 2.05 needs the VB runtimes, as it was written in vb6.0. I'm not familiar with Windows 8


You should be able to get the VB6 Run-times to work with Windows-8 according to this MSDN Blog:

Support Statement for Visual Basic 6.0 on Windows 8


Microsoft Visual Basic Run-time Files Support:


Visual Basic 6.0
IIRC, the above Microsoft VB6 installers do register the various components with the Windows OS without having to manually register them via REGSRV32 (and presumably also reducing risk for confusing errors ...as discussed in this thread):


Hope this helps ! :)

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Ok, I've been able to install properly and got the vb6 installs to work. Thus, no more subscript out of range errors. Thanks for the help with that part. :)

A new issue though, is that it refuses to compile. I've made my edits to my terrain classes, but all the check boxes except the "start fs9" box are greyed out. Did I miss something?