SBuilderX doesn't compile

I'm trying to create a photoscenery and have added a map from disk to SbuilderX. The image is a geotiff which aligns itself correctly automatically. I select all and try to compile a bgl, but all options are greyed out and the program tells me that "there is nothing to compile because no items have been selected". I see a lot of people have the same problem, but so far I haven't found a working solution to this. I'm using SBuilderX v3.15 and Prepar3d v4.4. Any ideas how can I get the program to compile?


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Right-click on the edge of your image in SBuilderX. Select Properties. Change the map name to Photo00 or Photo_myphoto. Also, make sure the image is in the ...\SBX315\Tools\Work folder with it's TXT file.

SBuilderX wants to have Photo as the prefix of the name to distinguish it as a photoreal source rather than a map source that you would use to draw vectors upon.

Then you can select the photo image, and compile it.
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Renamed the map and moved the image to the work folder. I tried compiling after this but it made no difference. However, I cannot find any .txt file? What file are you referring to?
I also tried deleting scasm.tmp file that was mentioned elsewhere. Moreover, SBuilderX is run as administrator and it is installed outside program files. The problem still persists.


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Here's the problem:
SBuilderX can use .tif, .png,.jpg,.gif and .bmp files as maps. But it will only make photoreal bgls from .bmp

I use the resample tool with an inf file to make photoreal bgls. I rarely use SBuilderX. Resample will make a bgl from a geotiff file.

To use SBuilderX with a geotiff:

Copy or move the geotiff to the Work folder.
Add map from disk. Right-click on the edge of the image and select properties. In the properties popup window, first change the name to Photo00, then click on Data File button to save a TXT file to the Work folder.
Exit SBuilderX.
Using a paint program, open the tif file, and save as 24-bit BMP.
Open SBuilderX, add map from disk... but add the BMP file of the same name as the tif file.
Now you should be able to select it and make a BGL.

And now you know why I'd rather just use resample directly with an INF file, especially if the image is a geotiff!

To just use resample.

Here's an INF file for your Photo00:

Type                = GeoTIFF
SourceDir           = "."
SourceFile          = "Photo00.tif"
Layer               = Imagery
Variation           = Day
NullValue           = 0,0,0

DestDir             = "."
DestBaseFileName    = "Photo00"
DestFileType        = BGL
LOD                 = Auto
Save this textfile as Photo.inf

The SourceFile can be whatever you got from your source... no renaming needed. The NullValue gets rid of the black border from the reprojected image. Image and INF file in the same location.

Drag'n'drop the INF file onto resample. done.