SbuilderX Tile Servers


I've noticed that in SbuilderX version 3.15, the Nokia satellite imagery does not show up in the list. Is there a reason for that? It was in the list in previous versions. So, will it be okay to use, or have more than one version of SbulderX installed so that one can choose one or the other? Or will this cause conflicts?

Hi Ken:

NOKIA had previously been the provider of aerial imagery for Yahoo, and the "Nokia Satellite" tile server in the SBuilderX pick-list... both of which IIRC no longer are online.

Since restructured under the "" brand, NOKIA D/B/A continued to supply Bing Maps / MS VirtualEarth / ESRI ArcGIS World Imagery using satellite imagery licensed from Digital Globe in many world areas.

But, has since changed ownership and the SBuilderX tileserver DLL no longer works.

FYI: Legacy 'GoogleSatellite', Nokia, and Yahoo tile servers are all deprecated now. :pushpin:

Although NOKIA D/B/A were reportedly one of the largest licensors of Digital Globe imagery, now that both Google and ESRI ArcGIS World Imagery utilize extensive areas of licensed Digital Globe imagery, one likely has extents of coverage through their SBuilderX tileservers ...that effectively replaces anything Nokia once provided. ;)

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