SBX 3.15 without 3.14


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There seems to be a zooming problem.

When you go past zoom 20, the screen goes shows the tiles at the new zoom then immediately goes white, say it downloading (even though I already have the tiles) and the keeps white even though the download has finished. F1 to switch off and on background only restarts the same download of the same tiles which I already have. The result is still a big white screen.
Out of interest - which tile server? Or does this happen with more than one of them? Knowing that might help the guys who know how this works.

AFAIK, this is how the SBuilderX 3.15 tile downloader works (and also in prior SBuilderX versions) when the limits of available imagery tiles and/or connection throughput speed is reached according to coding of the various tile downloader DLL plugins.

Richard Ludowise (aka "rhumbaflappy") would be most knowledgeable about the various SBuilder tile downloader DLL plugins.

FYI: With only a few exceptions, LOD-19 and higher zoom image tiles online are only magnified copies of the LOD 18 imagery.

Lower zoom levels are usually only MIPMAPs of the highest ex: LOD-18 imagery.

So, higher zoom image tiles are often (...but not always) empty magnification and merely take up more space in the source file data work set size for SBuilderX and SDK Resample.

It is IMHO, a good idea to use only the highest "genuine" zoom level imagery tiles as source data for custom photo-real BGLs compiled by SDFK Reample, and let Resample make the inherently "sharper" MIPMAPs for any requested LODs in one's BGL. :idea:

Hope this helps. :)



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What is happening is the particular tile server you are using only goes to zoom level 20 (at least in that geographic area).