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FSX:SE SBX newbie

Hi guys,
New to SBX here but keen to learn. I cant find a solution to this::scratchch

I have an area of salt pans I want to fill in and make look like Salt pans as in the picture. My problem is they appear as water in the sim so I need to cover the water with a landclass texture to approximate the oranges in the pic. I would more than likely use a sand color. I want to be able to just cover the pans (water) as they appear in the sim. I have tried using a ground poly in ADEX but that only applies the landclass to the surrounding land and leaves the water intact (Its close to YPPF).

I have used SBX before to reconstruct a coastline. This was however a simple coast and I dont want to exclude all the water in the whole QMID11 as the river and Mangrove areas would be very tedious to reproduce. I am hoping to be able to run the road that goes across this area (that I can do).

Grateful for any suggestions,;)
Andrew (YMML)
I don't see those in default, you must be using FTX Vector?

You could use CVXExtractor to get the hydro polys and shorelines out of the FTX .bgl specifying the corner coordinates of the two QMID 11 cells. Then append the resulting .shps into SBX and delete the offending polys/shorelines (if any), put down a couple excludes for hydro polys and shorelines filling to QMID 11. Then export a .bgl and put it in a scenery layer above Vector. Only problem is you wouldn't be able to distribute it because it belongs to Orbx, but for your own use it'd be OK.
Hey @JRobinson
Thanks for your help. I'm not sure if I have done it the right way, but hey it works. I used a poly with exclude attributes and excluded all water polygons (and shorelines). This has done the trick and removed the offending water filled salt pans. So I am left with the blank canvas now to rebuild the pans. I am using FTX Global and Vector, yes. Sorry to have no mentioned this. I am finding it a bit of a steep learning curve but I am getting there. ;)

Andrew (YMML)
I have a new problem now @JRobinson :yikes:,

despite the files all appearing correctly in my SBuilderX LibObjects directory, I am unable to insert them into a project using the object tool. None of the objects appear there or in the Library Object Manager. I am using SBX from its own directory on my 2nd Drive, and FSXSe which is also located on the 2nd drive. I have tried to read the help files and also the *.txt file in the LibObjects directory to no avail.....

Cheers for any suggestions.
Andrew (YMML)
TBH I've never used SBX to place objects, I always use Instant Scenery 2. It appears you need to do Edit > Object Lib Manager, then on the dialog use the browse button under "Get temporary objects from .bgl file" to locate your object library .bgl. Under Existing Categories click the New button, give it a name you'll recognize, and hit OK. Now you have a new category with nothing in it so go back under Get temporary objects from .bgl file and select the first object in the list, scroll all the way to the bottom and click on the last object while holding the shift key down, click the left arrow button to put them all into your new category, click OK. I think you should now be able to place them if you select the new category when using the object placement tool.