FSX SBX set as hole problem

Maybe I just had brain fade, but for some reason I can't get some islands to appear in FSX.

I have done several of these islands previously without any problem, so I think that I must have "spaced" on something when I did this group.

I had just done the two on the left and as far as I know, using the same method, did the group circled on the right of the attached .png.

After "set as hole" didn't work, I set them as outer and changed the poly type to none. Then, setting as hole again didn't do anything either.

I hope that someone can see something in the .SBP file in the attached zip.



Do you have Exclude Water Polys and new, larger Water Polys covering the relevant areas? Make sure you Set As Hole... to the replacement Water Poly(s). Sorry haven't had time to look at your sbp file.
Just a thought.


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Hi there,

as always the first check of a compiled bgl file should be within TMFViewer.exe: if the desired features don't display (or not as expected) then you know the problem is with your SBuilderX file; if the features do show up then the issue has to do with "external" causes, such as local excludes, overlapping scenery files, display priorities, or the feature's parameters in terrain.cfg.

Cheers, Holger
Thanks Holger.

I didn't know about checking the bgl with TMFViewer.

It looks like the problem is with the SBX file. I'll redo the holes in an older version of the file.

Edit: It has been a few years since I last did this kind of work, I may not be remembering correctly what caused my problem.

I seem to remember that some QMIDs are split into parts smaller that 11 and that you can see those splits in TMFViewer.

I had SBX displaying QMID 11. The attached image shows what I had done and what I did to fix the problem.

Holger, if you see this again and what I have said isn't correct, please correct me.


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Hello; I report some tips about "set as hole" problems I encontered. Thousands of waterpoly(flat or slope) and holes already drawn!!!

1/ some "holes" may be seen correctly in TMFViewer, but in fact not appear in FSX; for a more sure control (without opening FSX), you may use MapWindows GIS (free)
you open the HPX_...shp file in MapWindows; you can see all the holes; they should be white if really holes; if they have the parent poly colour, the "hole" function has not worked.

2/ to correct: just set as outer and set as hole is not sure to correct the problem; all poly holes in the parent poly have to be deleted and rebuilt; not to have to redraw them, make line.
then, select holes, set as outer, delete.
now, for each line: make poly / set as hole
take care to recover altitude!!! new holes are set to 0; so, select parent: set altitude: in the dialog box just click set (left one if slope / right one if constant) and close; parent and holes will recover their former elevations tNo use if ocean or 0 elevation polys

3/ take care with multi selection and "set as hole"; I think to have encountered some problems ; a bit longer, but more sure, set as hole each poly one by one

4/ many problems appeared with the "join poly" function; even if joining two single polys without holes, it seems to cause desaster on other polys and holes in the project

other tips about polys: how operate join or split on polys: I prefer not to use the inbuilt "join poly" function; no "split" function.
the way I use is using "make line"
- for join: make line for the 2 or more polys and delete them; delete the unused part of line (commun vertices), and join lines; then make poly with this line
- to split a poly: make line; delete poly; break the line where you want; eventually add missing vertices; then for each new line, make poly

"line" may be a good way do draw polys with a great number of points; you may begin drawing a part, stop, continue a second line, ...; endly, join all the lines and make poly.

Hope this will help you in your projects!