Scenery Designers Required (Eiresim)

Hi guys,

Some of you on here may know me from and it has been my intention/desire to re-create Dublin Airport for fs2004/fsx. As I recently started a “real job" I no longer have the same spare time as I previously had. So I am asking if there is anyone out there that would like to help on such a project?

I will of course provide satellite imagery and all help/tools etc needed but ideally it would be someone with some prior experience in gmax/3ds Max, photoshop etc. I Think I should have sufficient time to do all 3d Modelling etc so ideally someone with a good knowledge of photoshop and the makeup of fs airports.

Of course there will be remuneration and this can be discussed in detail. I think it is a good time to start into this given the recent announcement of “Flight” which is a letdown for the fs community (in my opinion) and means that fs9/fsx will live on for a few more years at least.

Anyways if anyone is interested please send me an email to: