Scenery P3Dv4 help

Hi guys,

first of all thank you for accepting me, it's a pleasure.

I am working with P3D simdirector, and my idea was to set a group of trees on fire.

I have tried by attaching the effect to the trees and it works, but i want to see it everytime and not only when i run the scenario mode. Is it possible?

If not, is it available a static fire which i could use? I don't care about the smoke effect, the important is that it looks like a fire.

Thank you guys and have a nice day.
Hi Frdkxyzabcd123, (just kidding)

I think you are looking for creating scenery (persistent). You will have to take a look at the SDK in the Modeling and/or World part to create scenery for P3D.
There are some very good tutorials here and other sites about scenery creation and some awesome tools too. You can find a lot of stuff here in this community.

Try these links:

SimDirector is most used to create missions and they only work when you start that mission.