Seaplane-cruiser problem

I will preface this to say it is not Paul Clawson's SOC3 nor is it Motus and Cougar's CCP. I will explain what is happening and I don't know why. Last year, I created a static USS Pensacola and with the help of ADEx put "runways" on both catapaults and since Rob's RCBCO30 is part of the Seagull could catapault off. Problem is that once the Pensacola was located as an airport that is where it had to stay permanently. With the advent of CCP being complete now I could have it move.

I would like to have the SOC3 seaplane takeoff from the catapult on a USS Pensacola Class Cruiser which is moving on a set heading and track. Having the cruiser on a pre-determined track is what CCP does and as far as that goes, it is totally successful. I started with the pilotable USS Pensacola and converted it to AI by removing the aircraft.cfg; panel and air files since it has to be AI in order to work in CCP. I replaced them with a sim.cfg successfully. Through hours of experimentation, I was able to get the SOC3 exactly where it was supposed to be on the catapult location. One problem: no matter what values I place for deck height in CCP the aircraft is inside the cruiser which is hollow. That in itself is not a problem because you only see the exterior unless it is causing the problem. AFter hours, I gave up on the Pensacola and downloaded the CA25 USS Louisville which has three files: pilotable; AI and static. Installed the AI into "Boats" in FSX and fire up CCP. It is selectable; the model shows up all the right things happen. But it does the same thing as the Pensacola. It has a different model name and different colors but I wonder if the designer with permission used the Pensacola model since they are sister ships. In any case after 4 plus hours I quit trying. The SOC can be started correctly on the USS Nimitz flight deck so as I said the a/c is ok as is CCP. Can anybody tell me what is going on? Both ships as well as the SOC3 are freeware and downloadable if you don't have them to test.