P3D v4 Semi-transparency + shadow casting material?

Good afternoon,

What do I need to do to get a material that is semi-transparent but casts a proper shadow anyway? I have a material that is both skinned and transparent. Using FSX, the object casts a normal, full shadow, however the same material doesn't cast a shadow in P3D. Here's the material:

I am not sure but I think it depends on the underlying gp or models.
Try giving it a negative Z-bias and use the alpha test settings.
I'm talking about the shadow that should be cast on the ground. As you can see above, Alpha test is on and set to >0. What does the Z-bias do?
In P3Dv4 it allows you to make sure lights e.g. are shown above the ground poly.
Your lighting may be suppressed if you do not attribute a more negative Z-bias to your lighting than the ground and that could also be the case for shadows.
But as I said, I am not sure if that is the case.


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Polygons that are coplanar in 3D space can be made to appear as if they are not coplanar by adding a z-bias (or depth bias) to each one.

This is a technique commonly used to ensure that shadows in a scene are displayed properly. For instance, a shadow on a wall will likely have the same depth value as the wall. If an application renders a wall first and then a shadow, the shadow might not be visible, or depth artifacts might be visible.