SDK SimConnect DLL best practice


I am back at developing stuff for P3D. I was wondering, since I was not able to find consistent information online, what is the best practice when it comes to SimConnect and its DLL ?
When distributing a program for P3D that requires it:
  • Should it be distributed with the program ?
  • Should I rely on one that is present on the user's computer ?
  • Should I use the .lib file and compile it into the program itself ?

1 - No.
2 - Yes. You list it as a prerequisite for your software to function.
3 - Of course! Otherwise it doesn't use SimConnect.

However, there is a different version of SimConnect for each version of the sim... and Prepar3D has several.
Thanks for the answer @WarpD!

If I may ask, is it possible to use gcc with the Simconnect library or should I switch to MSVS and stop trying with gcc?



Resource contributor
That is up to you and what you are comfortable with. One contributer to this forum got SimConnect working with Delphi and another got it working with Visual Basic 6.0. MSVC is definately the easy way though.
I have tried with GCC but without success. As soon as I tried with MSVC it worked.
There was something with the library (SimConnect.lib) being corrupted when using GCC, which I assume is because MSVC does not create libraries the same way as GCC. I can use MSVC so I will not investigate any further.

Thanks to the both of you for your answers ! :)